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New Manrique Route Unveiled in Teguise

Thursday September 29, 2011

New Manrique Route Unveiled in Teguise

A new route pinpointing the works of César Manrique throughout the municipality of Teguise was unveiled on Tuesday, as part of the celebrations for the International Day of Tourism. The informative panel detailing the various attractions has been put up in the Pueblo Marinero in Costa Teguise, one of Manrique's principal designs in the resort.

Also featured are the César Manrique Foundation in Tahiche, which was the artist's former home, the Gran Melia Salinas Hotel in Costa Teguise where Manrique created the stunning interior courtyard garden and the residential complex of Los Molinos, also based in Costa Teguise.

The panel was designed by Manrique's nephew Eduardo Manrique and the unveiling was inaugurated by not only Eduardo but the artist's sister Juana on Tuesday 27th September. Also present was the mayor of Teguise, Oswaldo Betancourt. It has been placed on the interior wall of the main square in the Pueblo Marinero.

The Pueblo Marinero is in fact a representation of various architectural elements that dominate the former capital of Teguise, with thick white plastered walls, pitched roofs and the grand entrance way, which is a replica of the entrance found to the square of Las Maretas in Teguise. The square in the Pueblo Marinero, onto which the entrance way opens, is a copy of the courtyards found in many of the older colonial houses that form the nucleus of Teguise, whilst the surrounding houses also have galleries or raised balconies similar to several houses in the former capital.

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