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Most Beaches Now Re-Opened

Tuesday October 4, 2011

Most Beaches Now Re-Opened

The beaches of Teguise and Tias were re-opened for swimming yesterday afternoon, once the emergency services had given the all clear after the algae alert that was raised on Sunday. With the exception of the tiny beach at El Ancla in Costa Teguise, all of the municipality's beaches, including Famara and Playa Cucharas were reopened for bathing.

Elsewhere, the mayor of Haria, José Torres Stinga, confirmed that the beach behind Orzola, known as Playa Las Canteras, would remain closed for the time being. Whilst the beach at Arrieta and the swimming pools along the coastline of Punta Mujeres were declared safe, after an inspection was carried out yesterday.

However, the beach by Playa Honda, which is in the municipality of San Bartolomé, will remain closed to bathers for the time being. And the coastline of Puerto Calero and Playa Quemada in Yaiza will also have a swimming prohibition kept in place, as algae was detected in the water there during Monday 3rd October. Further south, at the beaches of Papagayo there was no sign of the water borne micro-organism and so they remained open for visiting swimmers.

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