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September Tourist Arrivals Up By 17.5%

Thursday October 13, 2011

September Tourist Arrivals Up By 17.5%

The number of foreign tourists arriving on flights to Lanzarote from across Europe rose by 17.5% last month, according to the latest data just released the Council for Tourism. As the island recorded a total of 143,611 arrivals last month.

Foreign tourist arrivals on Lanzarote continue to rise, despite the uncertain economic climate. As the latest figures reveal an increase of 17.5% in the number of foreign tourists visiting the island last month, up by 21,389 passengers from September 2010.

For the year to date Lanzarote has now welcomed 1,285,479 foreign arrivals, an increase of 17.72% versus the same nine month period in 2010. As the island's tourist industry continues to enjoy a recovery in key markets such as Germany and the UK. Although these figures are also offset by an ongoing reduction in the number of visitors from the Spanish mainland, which in recent months has left total overall passenger arrivals largely flat.

In total the Canary Islands have now welcomed 7.4 million foreign tourists during the first nine months of this year. An increase of 1.3 million arrivals, or 22%, versus the same period in 2010. However, Lanzarote has not enjoyed as great a percentage increase in tourist traffic over this period as some of the other islands in the archipelago. Trailing behind Tenerife (total 2,725, 135, up by 24.19%), Gran Canaria (total 2,046,287 arrivals, up by 18.27%), and Fuerteventura (total 1,335,245 arrivals, up by 30.5%).

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