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Beaches All Clear After Jellyfish Sightings

Monday October 31, 2011

Beaches All Clear After Jellyfish Sightings

The beaches of Costa Teguise were temporarily closed to bathers over the weekend, as a large mass of jellyfish was found along the coastline of the resort. The authorities took the decision to shut the beach on Saturday 29th October to ensure that nobody was stung by the creatures.

During Friday afternoon, several jellyfish washed up onto the sand at Playa Las Cucharas and as a result volunteers from the Red Cross and the Local Police were advising visitors to the beaches not to swim or go near the jellyfish on land. Whilst the type of jellyfish found in local waters has not been identified yet, they were certainly found to have tentacles with a capacity to sting when touched by people.

However, within twenty-four hours the Ayuntamiento of Teguise was happy to announce that the beaches could be reopened, as the jellyfish appeared to have moved back out into deeper waters. All the beaches along Costa Teguise's coastline were checked for their presence but the Security, Health and Environment officers of the Ayuntamiento were satisfied that there was no longer a risk to bathers.

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