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Bathing Restricted By Jellyfish Swarms

Tuesday November 8, 2011

Bathing Restricted By Jellyfish Swarms

Further beaches around Lanzarote have had to be closed to bathers as the presence of jellyfish in coastal waters continues to spread. Yesterday, the Ayuntamiento of Tias confirmed that Playa Grande in Puerto del Carmen has been closed to swimmers for the time being. Whilst beaches in the south of the island are also starting to be affected.

In addition, several of the beaches at Papagayo, at the southern most end of the island, have also been affected, with jellyfish washing up onto the sands here as well. Specifically the beaches of Caleta del Congrio and Puerto Muelas have been shut.

And in the northern half of the island, the beaches at Famara and at Arrieta have also been closed to bathers since last week, when large numbers of jellyfish were first spotted. Due to the tentacles retaining their sting even when the jellyfish are out of the water, sunbathing on these stretches of sand has also been prohibited. Visitors to any of the beaches around Lanzarote are advised to proceed with caution, especially close to the water’s edge.

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