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Spain To Rebrand Tourist Offering

Tuesday November 15, 2011

Spain To Rebrand Tourist Offering

The popularity of brands and places ebbs and flows. And Spain's tourist chiefs fear that their country is increasingly becoming viewed as an uncool destination by younger British travellers. Prompting an urgent rethink on how the country is to be positioned and marketed in years to come.

Spain has long been a hot favourite with British tourists. But just as Levis have become the mark of an older generation Spain is in danger of becoming viewed as an old fashioned and irrelevant holiday choice by younger British consumers, according to a new report commissioned by the Spanish Tourist Office's new UK director, Enrique Ruiz de Lera.

Comparing Spain's growing competition from newer destinations such as Turkey and Croatia to Microsoft's commercial battles with Apple, Ruiz de Lera recently told leading industry publication Travel Weekly; "These destinations are competing hard. They have excellent product and they've learnt from our mistakes. We need to refresh our brand."

In order to maintain Spain's popularity with younger travellers Ruiz de Lera has proposed a raft of activities, which include the creation of branded content with MTV. Who in a first for the station will be airing a new reality TV show called Fix You from January next year. He has also set ambitious targets to increase tourist spending in Spain by 15% over the next three years - a goal which may not be so easy to hit given the current economic climate in Europe.

Also key to the Spanish Tourist Office's plans are the diversification of regional and seasonal markets, so as to ensure that Spain is not simply viewed as a summer holiday destination. With a greater attempt to cross sell destinations within Spain playing a central role in this strategy, so for example encouraging tourists to visit not one but two or three Canary Islands during their stay in the archipelago.

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