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Hotel Explosion Injures 10 in Gran Canaria

Thursday November 24, 2011

Hotel Explosion Injures 10 in Gran Canaria

A gas explosion in a hotel in Gran Canaria has resulted in severe injuries to at least ten people, including a Norwegian tourist. The incident happened yesterday morning at the hotel Cordial de Mogan in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Two women were so severely burnt that they needed to be transferred to a specialist unit at a hospital in Seville, as both had received burns to 70-80% of their bodies. A further eight people were taken to local hospitals on Gran Canaria for treatment of similar injuries. Amongst those injured was a fifty-five year old Norwegian tourist, who was said to have received serious burns to 100% of her body and a twenty-two year old girl whose injuries extended to 80% of her skin.

The hotel has confirmed that the explosion was caused by a leak from a propane pipe from a tank at the hotel. The force of the blast caused the roof of the spa to collapse.

At present the incident is being treated as an unfortunate industrial accident, but the local judicial police are carrying out an investigation to determine the exact cause of the event. The local official from the Canarian Government, Dominica Fernandez, stated that sabotage had already been ruled out and that the hotel’s installations all appeared to be in order prior to the explosion.

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