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Lanzarote Plugs In To Electric Future

Thursday December 1, 2011

Lanzarote Plugs In To Electric Future

Lanzarote looks set to become a testing ground for widespread use of the electric car, following a full analysis of the island’s suitability by an expert from the Technological Institute of Car Safety (FITSA). Sr Donia Razizi announced the results of his study at the first Fair for Electric Cars held at the Gran Hotel in Arrecife yesterday.

The fair was attended by more than one hundred representatives from island businesses, keen to find out more about hybrid vehicles, electric cars and motorbikes and how the recharging system might work.

The findings of Sr Razizi’s study indicate that Lanzarote is an ideal location for more extensive use of electric cars, partly due to its size. Most electric vehicles have a range of between 150 and 170 kilometres when fully charged. Whilst a circuit of Lanzarote from one end to the other is approximately 180 kilometres.

In addition, the high number of vehicles that are available for rent on the island forms a good base from which to start phasing in more electric cars. Sr Razizi also noted that a combined strategy incorporating charging points at hotels and the main tourist attractions would provide the ideal method of ensuring that tourists were able to get around with ease. As hire cars could be plugged in to recharge whilst guests were enjoying the hotel’s facilities or visiting one of Lanzarote’s attractions.

There was also a discussion of how solar panels could be used to generate the electricity required to recharge such vehicles, creating an entirely carbon free form of transport for the tourist industry on the island.

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