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British Tourist Spending To Remain Stable in 2012

Wednesday December 7, 2011

British Tourist Spending To Remain Stable in 2012

Despite the current economic climate and uncertainty British tourists are not planning to cut spending on, or relinquish, their holidays abroad in 2012, according to a recent study conducted by the respected travel site TripAdvisor. Who recently published these findings as part of their annual 2012 Travel Trends survey.

According to Trip Advisor's 5th annual Travel Trends survey tourist spending in the UK (Lanzarote's largest tourist market by some distance) looks set to remain stable next year, with 66% of British residents planning their holidays and aiming to take between at least two to four trips abroad in 2012. Whilst a quarter, 25%, even plan to actually spend more on their foreign holidays, whilst 59% expect their expenditure to remain stable. With just 19% expecting to cut back during the course of next year.

There was further good news for Spanish holiday destinations such as Lanzarote as the survey also revealed that short haul travel looks set to further outperform long haul destinations during 2012 as tourists seek out better value breaks abroad. With 34% of those surveyed admitting that they will be looking to take advantage of economic difficulties in countries such as Greece and Spain in order to secure the best possible holiday deal.

According to TripAdvisor spokesperson Emma Shaw; "This year's results demonstrate that while financial concerns are clearly front of mind, resilient Brits are not prepared to sacrifice their 2012 holidays. Brits are considering their holiday budgets carefully but crucially we still intend to spend on leisure travel, with the vast majority planning on spending at least the same as last year."

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