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The 7th Atlantic Gran Prix in Playa Blanca

Wednesday January 4, 2012

The 7th Atlantic Gran Prix in Playa Blanca

The seventh edition of the Spanish-Caribbean Atlantic Gran Prix launches on Sunday 8th January, with boats departing from Playa Blanca’s Marina Rubicon destined for the French Caribbean island of Martinique.

So far, eighteen vessels have registered to take part in this ocean bound amateur competition, which covers 2,800 miles. Preparations for the event are already underway at Marina Rubicon, with breakfast arranged for the participants at Bar One on the morning of 8th January, before the boats depart at midday. It is anticipated that numerous vessels berthed at Marina Rubicon will also accompany the competitors as they leave the port.

The Atlantic Gran Prix was first organised in 1995 by the Club Nautico Skipper and Difusion Nautica and is now considered one of the most prestigious amateur sailing competitions in Spain.

The current edition is being jointly organised by the Royal National Association of Cruiseships, the Spanish Royal Federation of Sailing and the Canarian Federation of Sailing, amongst other bodies. Winners in the various categories of the competition will receive a Swiss watch made by the company Oris, who provide the official cronometres for the course.


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