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Lanzarote Stars At Palm Springs Film Festival

Friday January 6, 2012

Lanzarote Stars At Palm Springs Film Festival

The International Film Festival at Palm Springs in California will be featuring the film ‘Jose y Pilar’ about Portuguese Nobel prize winning author Jose Saramago, who lived on Lanzarote during the last years of his life. The festival begins with a homage to George Clooney on 7th January and runs until the 10th.

Jose Saramago made Lanzarote his final home, expressing a deep affection for the island and as a result much of the imagery depicted in ‘Jose y Pilar’ will drawn from his adoptive home. The Portuguese director Miguel Goncalvez Mendes shot much of the footage used in the film during the last four years of Saramago´s life, both in Lanzarote and across two continents.

The film starts with a journey to the island of La Graciosa and then focuses on the author in his home in Tias as he explains his idea of writing a narrative about the historical journey of an elephant, which became the short novel ‘The Elephant´s Journey’.

Also featured in the film are the National Park of Timanfaya and Montana Blanca with the latter stages of the documentary focusing on the writer´s illness and visits from his family. So far the film has received favourable reviews from the audiences who have seen it and the festival at Palm Springs is often seen as a precursor for nominations for the Oscars. Miguel Goncalvez Mendes and Pilar del Rio, Jose Saramago´s widow, are currently in Los Angeles to attend the festival and promote the film.


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