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Hotel Occupancy Rises 7.73% in 2011

Wednesday January 11, 2012

Hotel Occupancy Rises 7.73% in 2011

Occupancy levels in Lanzarote hotels and apartments reached an average of 77% throughout 2011, according to the island hoteliers association Asolan. This translates as an increase of 7.73% in comparison with figures for 2010.

Of particular note were the levels of occupancy during the first four months of the year, when the events in North African countries resulted in a greater number of visitors choosing to come to the Canary Islands instead. January registered 72.69% of rooms being taken, February saw 80.92% achieved, March reached 83.36% and April 77.94% – all of which are increases on the levels recorded in the same four months in 2010.

Even though the average percentages in May and June were at 61.93% and 63.81% respectively, these figures still represent increases of an average of 5.70% for the two months when compared with the previous year. Whilst July and August’s occupancy levels were at 83.65% and 87% respectively. September was only slightly behind August, with some 85.15% of rooms being taken, a rise of 15.23% against the recorded figures for September 2010.

And the final three months of the year also reached higher levels of occupancy than the previous year, with October at 79.22%, November at 77.51% and December at 66.59%, all of which were increases of between 5% and 7.7%.

In terms of where occupancy levels were concentrated, Playa Blanca had the highest average level, with 78.95% of this type of accommodation taken up. Puerto del Carmen was only nominally behind this level, with 78.66% of room occupancy on average.

Costa Teguise and Puerto Calero registered lesser levels of room take up, with 74.58% and 71.55% respectively. Arrecife hotels recorded some 43.21% occupancy on average, whilst the sports complex of La Santa saw 84.22% of its rooms full on average across the year.

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