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Beaches Closed By Jellyfish Swarms

Wednesday January 25, 2012

Beaches Closed By Jellyfish Swarms

Once again a swarm of jellyfish has caused the closure of beaches, as the northern town of Orzola saw its Playa la Canteria off limits to bathers yesterday. This is the third such incident to occur in the last two months and the return of the purple stinging jellyfish is causing some concern for the tourist industry.

Bathers are therefore being advised to stay away from Playa La Canteria and the beaches around Orzola, such as Caleton Blanco, in case they come into contact with the jellyfish. Given the way that the prevailing currents flow around the island, it is likely that Playa La Garita in Arrieta will be affected as well.

The Mayor of Haria, Jose Torres Stinga, yesterday mentioned his concerns, especially if the situation continues for an indefinite period, as this could ‘ruin the coming summer season’. Both Sr Torres Stinga and Juan Fajardo of the Rescue and Emergency Service in the North (REN) feel that the large presence of jellyfish around the island is unusual and certainly isn´t something they have seen in such quantities before.

As a result, Sr Torres Stinga has been in touch with the Canarian Government to ask if a report into the incidence of these ‘aguavivas’ can be investigated. The Consortium of Security and Emergencies in Lanzarote has already been in touch with the University of Las Palmas with the regard to the jellyfish swarm and have been assured that it is unlikely to be anything to do with the eruptions occurring off the island of El Hierro. Instead, the Universisty has suggested that it is more likely being caused by the ‘dynamic of sea currents’.


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