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New Diving Guide Available

Tuesday May 1, 2012

New Diving Guide Available

The Tourist Board of Lanzarote has just launched a new guide to diving in the waters surrounding the island, which is available as a PDF from their website:

The guide will be an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to learn to dive or improve on their existing skills, as it features not only the most interesting sites for practicing scuba-diving but also practical advice which should help you decide which places you would most like to visit. A comprehensive chart detailing depths and activities such as night diving is also provided.

The 150 page guide is published in English, Spanish and German and covers thirty of the best dive sites around Lanzarote’s coastline. The booklets authors are all enthusiastic divers and include Arturo Boyra, the director of ‘Oceanografica’, a website dedicated to diving in the Canary Islands, which also has a guide to diving off Gran Canaria.

Carlos Suarez is another of the guide’s authors and the director of ‘The Ocean Life’, which is also a diving website. Carlos is particularly interested in underwater photography and has developed an international reputation for his images following innumerable dives all over the world. Both Carlos and Arturo took the images used throughout the new guide to diving in Lanzarote.

Amongst the information provided in the guide are the species you are most likely to encounter in the waters surrounding Lanzarote, how to dive in a responsible way without harming the delicate ecosystems found underwater, where the best sites are and the visual signals divers use to communicate with each other during a submersion.

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