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Taxi Fares on Lanzarote Rise by 9%

Friday June 1, 2012

Taxi Fares on Lanzarote Rise by 9%

Tourists can now expect to pay more for a taxi journey on Lanzarote as a new set of tariffs have been introduced which will raise fares by an average of 9%, an inflation busting increase which adds to the already substantial cost of using this form of transport.

Taxi fares on the island rose from Tuesday 29th May following approval for a new set of tariffs from the Councillor of Commerce and Industry in the Canarian Government. The increase will see the cost of taking a taxi rise by 9% per kilometre travelled, with a minimum fare during the day fixed at €2.30, which represents an increase of 7%.

Between 22.00 and 06.00 in the morning, the minimum taxi fare will be €2.95, 5.4% more than previously. This is also the minimum fare that will be applied during holidays, such as Christmas Eve, New Year´s Eve and on King´s Day. The cost of taxi waiting time will go up to €13, whilst a 50 cent booking charge will be applied to taxis which are reserved by phone. Also affected by the new charges will be journeys which involve entering or leaving Puerto Marmoles in Arrecife, with up to an additional €1.10 charged.

It is obligatory for the current list of prices to be displayed in each taxi so tourists can at least check what they are being charged. But the increases certainly make other alternatives, such as arranging a private transfer to and from the airport much more affordable. The new fare rises will now make the average cost of a journey from Arrecife airport to Puerto del Carmen around €20, with Costa Teguise coming in at around €25 and Playa Blanca €45.

Visitors to the island can view the latest tariffs and calculate fares by visiting the official Lanzarote taxi’s website.

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