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Ex-President Zapatero Holidays on Lanzarote

Friday August 3, 2012

Ex-President Zapatero Holidays on Lanzarote

If you’re visiting Lanzarote over the next few weeks then you may find yourself rubbing shoulders with the former President of Spain, José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, the ex premier who bears a more than passing resemblance to Mr Bean!

Zapatero has had a long running love affair with Lanzarote that predates his period in office and now that he is more removed from the public eye he hopes to spend the next few weeks discovering some of the quieter corners of the island. Along with his wife, he is renting a holiday property in the south of the island and spending time at some of Lanzarote’s key attractions such as the Jamoes del Agua and the beach at Famara.

However whilst he has been warmly received by the media at a press conference held at the Castillo de San Jose in Arrecife there are some locals who are not quite so happy to have the former President on the island. As whilst he is enjoying a three week break and is busy shopping for a property to invest in many Lanzaroteños are struggling to find work, feed their families and cope in the current economic climate.

The former socialist premier is viewed by some as the architect of the current crisis engulfing Spain and is vilified in much the same way as Gordon Brown is in the UK. As witnessed by a string of highly critical comments about his visit made by residents on a number of local news sites and blogs. These are also balanced though by other locals citing the valuable publicity that his visit is generating for Lanzarote.

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