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Canaries Record Hottest July in Six Years

Wednesday August 8, 2012

Canaries Record Hottest July in Six Years

The Canaries have just recorded their hottest July in six years according to date just released by AEMET, the State Meteorological Agency. With temperatures in some of the seven islands climbing as high as 43.5 degrees Celsius last month.

The maximum temperatures registered in the Canary Islands during July were on average 1.5 degrees centigrade higher than in the previous six years. In Gran Canaria the thermometer hit 43.5 degrees – a high point across the archipelago.

The hottest periods were during the long heat wave experienced between 17th and 20th July when even El Hierro and La Gomera saw the mercury rise to the low 40’s. In particular, coastal areas on all the islands saw higher than average temperatures recorded. Above 2,000 metres on islands other than Lanzarote there was some respite, where the temperatures were approximately 10 degrees cooler.

Rainfall has been virtually nonexistent during the summer months this year, even on the islands with higher mountain ranges which would normally attract some showers. The area that had the highest level of precipitation was the municipality of Agulo in La Gomera, where 1.5 millimeters was recorded during July. How that island could use more rainfall now as forest fires continue to rage there.

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