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Pedestrian Paradise in Teguise

Wednesday October 17, 2012

Pedestrian Paradise in Teguise

From today the heart of the historic former capital of Teguise becomes a traffic free zone, so greatly enhancing the visitor experience for tourists.

The historic centre of Teguise, the oldest town in the Canaries, is now pedestrianised, as the local council (Ayuntamiento) redirect traffic away from the town´s cobbled streets

The initiative includes making the Plaza de la Constitucion a pedestrian only zone, although there will be access for deliveries between certain hours. This square is where the church of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is located along with the impressive former private merchant´s house, the Palacio Spinola, now home to the Timple Museum.

The very centre of Teguise is full of well-preserved examples of colonial architecture, with many houses still displaying wooden shutters and heavy wooden doors, which often open on to inner courtyards. Many of the streets in the centre are paved with cobblestones, with new bollards installed in many of them during the last two weeks to limit access to those visiting Teguise by car.

New parking zones have been created by the Doctor Alfonso Spinola Centre of education and whilst residents will still be able to park close to their homes, visitors to the town will be encouraged to park in one of the permitted zones and explore the historic streets on foot.

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