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Ryanair Eye Up Inter Island Routes

Thursday October 18, 2012

Ryanair Eye Up Inter Island Routes

Low cost airline Ryanair has signalled an interest in operating internal flight services in the Canaries in the wake of the recent closure of Islas Airways.

In what is being viewed as a heavy hint to the Canarian Government the company’s Sales and Marketing Director for Spain, Luis Fernandes-Mellado, has gone on record as saying that Ryanair has long been interested in operating services between the islands whilst also reducing the cost of tickets in the process. But that various barriers and restrictions have so far prevented this – leaving inter island flights at times more expensive than services from the Canaries to much further flung destination such as London.

Industry observers have suggested that Fernandes-Mellado’s remarks could be interpreted as a coded request for subsidies from the Canarian government in order to bring these new services to life. Ryanair are certainly adept at leveraging this type of financial inducement and are currently the largest carrier of passengers to the Canary Islands, which provides them with a powerful negotiating platform. Whether this latest initiative is any more than a PR exercise remains to be seen though.

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