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Plans To Commercialise Papagyao Create Political Row

Tuesday December 11, 2012

Plans To Commercialise Papagyao Create Political Row

A political row is set to break out on Lanzarote as the Ayuntamiento of Yaiza presses ahead with plans to allow the siting of sun loungers and umbrellas on Playa Mujeres - one of the most popular of the hitherto all natural and unspoilt beaches at Papagayo. Along with sun loungers, there are also proposals for a kiosk, sun shades and chairs to be allowed on the beach.

However, the proposal has been completely rejected by the Socialist Party and is likely to be met with similar resistance from local environmental groups. The secretary general of the PSOE of Lanzarote, Maria Dolores Corujo, speaking on behalf of the Socialist Party stated that ‘the economic crisis did not make destruction of the natural environment defendable’ and commented that there were already plenty of tourist attractions, including beach facilities, in the centre of Playa Blanca.

She also stressed that the island’s image as a protected biosphere would be under threat if this kind of development was allowed to take place, just as proposals to build more golf courses and sports marinas would also have led to the ‘vulgarization’ of Lanzarote’s tourist resorts. The party has asked for any sympathisers to lend their support to the campaign to stop this proposal from going ahead, with signatures on a petition to be submitted to the mayor of Yaiza, Gladys Acuña.

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