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New Pirate Museum Exhibition Space Dedicated To Horatio Nelson

Wednesday January 9, 2013

New Pirate Museum Exhibition Space Dedicated To Horatio Nelson

The Pirate Museum, which is located in the Castillo de Santa Barbara above Teguise, is set to expand, with the creation of a new exhibition space dedicated to the English maritime hero Horatio Nelson, who has a strong tie with the Canary Islands, thanks to his exploits in the waters surrounding Tenerife in 1797 at the Battle of Santa Cruz.

Nelson sailed with his Royal Navy fleet to the Canaries in the hope of disrupting the strategic trading routes that Spain had established between the islands and the New World. It was in this battle that the Rear-Admiral received a wound to his right arm which eventually led to its partial amputation. Nelson’s fleet was defeated after three days of warfare at sea on 25th July 1797, with the loss of some 400 men.

The Pirate Museum already catalogues numerous assaults on Lanzarote led by buccaneers such as Raleigh and Drake as well as the Dutch and the Ottoman Turk, all seeking to establish dominance over this pivotal trading point. The museum was visited by 50,000 people during 2012, many of whom were local school children learning about their island’s nautical history and is also proving to be popular with tourists. Admission costs €3 for adults and is free for kids and the Pirate Museum is open 10.00 to 15.00 Monday to Saturday, closed Sundays.

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