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Britain's Largest Family Visit Lanzarote

Monday January 28, 2013

Britain's Largest Family Visit Lanzarote

The UK has long been Lanzarote’s largest source of tourists and now the Radford’s, Britain’s’ biggest family, are taking a holiday on the island – with sixteen children and one granddaughter in tow – according to the Sun newspaper.

Sue and Noel Radford, aged 37 and 41 respectively, from Morecambe in Lancashire flew into Lanzarote yesterday from John Lennon airport, swapping their nine bedroom home for a large holiday villa.

Mum Sue had to pack no less than eight suitcases for their two week break, with the family enjoying special dispensation to go abroad during school time as they cannot afford to travel during normal holiday periods, due to the otherwise prohibitive cost of flights and accommodation.

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