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Access To El Golfo Restricted

Monday February 11, 2013

Access To El Golfo Restricted

The popular tourist attraction at El Golfo, which consists of the green lagoon and weathered cliffs above it, has been temporarily closed to visitors due to debris falling from the rock walls along the pathway that gives access to the site. For the time being therefore, access to the Charco de los Clicos for pedestrians is only possible from the village itself.

The unique landscape at El Golfo has been immortalized on film, by both Raquel Welch emerging from the sea in her animal skin bikini, in One Million Years B.C. and more recently in Pedro Almodovar’s movie ‘Broken Embraces’ which featured Penelope Cruz.

The cessation of access to the attraction comes on the back of continuing uncertainty about the lagoon’s future, as the project to restore the lake to its former size is still without funding in place.

Over the last few decades, the lagoon has diminished from covering a surface area of 15,000 square metres to just 7,000 sqm. Part of the reason for this shrinkage is due to sand extraction from the beach during the 1960’s and 70’s which had the effect of destabilizing the whole area.

Since then, when there have been particularly high tides and storm surges, more sand has seeped into the lagoon, silting it up even further. The proposal to drain and clear the green lake has been under discussion for at least ten years but the main difficulty lies in securing the funding for the work to take place.

It is suggested that at least €500,000 will be necessary to remove the marine sediment that has built up over the years, whilst further investment may well now be necessary to ensure the pathway leading to the attraction is safe for foot bound visitors.



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