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42% Of Lanzarote Tourists Arrive on Budget Flights

Thursday March 21, 2013

42% Of Lanzarote Tourists Arrive on Budget Flights

New data compiled by the Statistics Centre (Centro de Datos) for the Lanzarote Government reveal that 42% of all visitors to the island during 2012 used a budget airline to get here. This figure is 9% higher than the average number of cheap flights used to visit the Canary Islands in general.

A surprisingly high number of visitors to Lanzarote, 66.9%, have already been to the island at least once, whilst as many as 36.7% of holidaymakers who came here did so on the recommendation of friends or family. The vast majority of those who spent time on the island last year had used the Internet to find out more about their destination before arriving. For 91.8% the climate that the island enjoys was the main motivation to visit, whilst some 45% also came searching for peace and relaxation, with just 26.6% citing the beaches as the main focus of their stay.

All inclusive holidays accounted for 31.6% of the total, a percentage that has doubled in the last seven years. The average length of holiday taken on Lanzarote was 8.86 nights, which is actually the lowest average length of stay amongst any of the islands in the archipelago. However, the impression tourists gained of Lanzarote was extremely good for 85.4% of visitors, demonstrating a similar level of satisfaction as in previous years. The main factors that contribute to such a favourable impression are the climate, the peace and quiet, the overall cleanliness, hospitality and the general level of safety visitors experienced.



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