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Healthy Salt Goes On Sale

Friday April 5, 2013

Healthy Salt Goes On Sale

Lanzarote’s latest gastronomic offering is a new natural salt, called Flor de Sal Volcanica (Volcanic Flower of Salt), which not only boasts excellent gourmet qualities but also has specific health benefits to deliver.

As a result the Flor de Sal range of products has been put on sale in local chemists. The salt is being produced on Lanzarote in small artisan batches which help to preserve its trace elements without the necessity of adding any chemicals or anti sticking agents. The properties of natural marine salt are very different from those of the usual table salt that is mass produced. Not only is Flor de Sal Volcanica prized for its purity but also for the low level of humidity in the flakes.

The attractively packaged salt comes in 160gram tub which will retail at €7,09 in pharmacies across Lanzarote. It is the brainchild of Daniel Lasso, director of Lanzarote Natura, which specializes in a range of natural products, including goat’s milk, bath salts, soaps and cosmetics. To see the full range of goods, visit

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