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New Manrique Wind Toy For Tias

Wednesday April 24, 2013

New Manrique Wind Toy For Tias

A new Manrique sculpture is to be erected in Tias, after the Mayor of the municpality and the president of the César Manrique Foundation reached an agreement yesterday to create a new installation.

This will be the first reproduction of one of the artist’s designs and will be based on a wind toy he created in 1988 for the Port of Santa Maria in Cadiz. The sculpture will move kinetically when the wind blows and has a marine theme. It will rise to 12 metres in height so it will create a strong impression, especially if it is located with good visibility from all sides.

The design was originally called ‘Róbalo’ by Manrique and consists of a series of fish moving through the water. His original drawings of the structure are held by the Foundation. The mayor, José Francisco Hernandez, signaled his delight at the agreement, as he also mentioned the coincidence of the artist´s birthday 94 years ago on 24th April 1919.

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