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Eco Honey Launches on Lanzarote

Tuesday May 7, 2013

Eco Honey Launches on Lanzarote

Following an initiative last year by several farmers dedicated to the cultivation of organic fruit and veg, there is now a nucleus of hives housing black Canarian bees.

The introduction of these pollen collecting insects is considered a vital aspect of protecting the natural environment of the island, as well as the opportunity to create a viable product for sale. Scientists in northern Europe have been alarmed at the rate of decline amongst honey bees in countries such as the UK, as these tiny creatures are responsible for much of the pollination of both cultivated and wild plant life.

The bees that have been acquired by La Tanganilla Ecological Farming Collective are being acclimatized to their new home, with only very small quantities of honey being collected in the first year, as the apiarists intend to use no chemicals nor to fatten the bees up with sugar.

However, further down the line, the group hopes to be able to produce not just honey but also royal jelly. The hives have been situated in various locations around the island, such as Haria, La Geria and El Jable. Bees tend to fly in a radius of 3.2 kilometres around the site of their hive and will collect pollen from a wide variety of flowers, including those of the palm tree.

Thanks to the mild winters, none of the bees on Lanzarote need to hibernate, which means they can produce honey all year round. The new ecological honey should be registered and passed for sale in the next few months, with samples available for sale from the organic vegetable stalls in various local markets around the island.

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