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Jet2 Up Winter Flights By 42%

Wednesday May 22, 2013

Jet2 Up Winter Flights By 42%

At a meeting with the Councillor for Tourism, Hector Fernandez, the managing director of the budget carrier was happy to announce that there would be 42% more flights operating between the Canary Island and the UK during the Winter months.

In addition, Mr Doubtfire also confirmed that a Boeing 737 owned by the company would be based overnight on Lanzarote from November. At the same time, a new route between Blackpool and Lanzarote is about to commence, with flights operating on Wednesdays. This brings the total number of routes the airline is offering up to seven, with flights already established between Lanzarote and Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, East Midlands, Newcastle and Belfast.

Current figures suggest that the airline will see a 30% rise in ticket sales during 2013, with further increases expected in 2014. During 2012, sold 176,995 seats on its planes, which represented a 92.8% level of occupancy.

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