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Missing Tourist May Have Been Discovered

Wednesday May 29, 2013

Missing Tourist May Have Been Discovered

Mrs Holt disappeared in Lanzarote a year and a half ago, just before Christmas 2011, when she went out walking in the north of the island and did not return to her accommodation. An extensive search was undertaken in the following weeks but no clues as to her whereabouts were forthcoming.

The area in which the body was discovered is an extremely difficult part of the island to access. It was spotted by a local who was out walking in the area known as Punta de Gayo, close to Guinate and he alerted the rescue services. It then took four hours for the team to recover the body, a reflection of how inaccessible this part of the mountains in the north can be.

A forensic analysis of the remains will now be conducted but the first indications are that it may well be Margaret Holt, as the clothing and footwear correspond with the clothing she was wearing when she disappeared.


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