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No Carry On For Campers In Papagayo

Monday June 24, 2013

No Carry On For Campers In Papagayo

Normally, the site opens on 30th May, Dia de Canarias and remains available for use until the end of September. However, this year the site has remained closed due to a lack of funding to for basic services such as water and electricity.

Representatives of the disgruntled local campers had a meeting with Mayoress for Yaiza, Gladys Acuña but no solution to the current closure was found. As a result, a fleet of protesting camper vans made its way from the Cabildo building in Arrecife to the port in Playa Blanca and terminating at the disputed site on Saturday morning.

During the meeting with the mayoress, campers attempted to convince the official that the site could be opened with minimal services, as those intending to use the facilities normally brought their own generators or batteries to provide electricity and light. Water and sanitation could still be dealt with as it had in the past with a lorry providing fresh water and taking away any waste products. But Sra Acuña was adamant that the doors would remain closed this year, due to the lack of funding to run the facilities, which in previous years have cost the Ayuntamiento thousands of Euros to provide.

This constitutes a second blow to local families who like to spend part of the summer months camping by the sea, either under canvas or in a mobile home, as the beach at La Garita in Arrieta has also been closed to motorized traffic since March this year and has long had in place a prohibition against erecting tents by the beach.

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