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Weather Latest – It’s Still A Bit Crap!

Tuesday February 24, 2015

Weather Latest – It’s Still A Bit Crap!

Lost. One golden orb, last seen in the sky over Lanzarote some weeks ago. If found please return immediately.

Heard the one about the winter sun destination that didn’t have any sunshine? It’s no laughing matter really, as the weather on Lanzarote this winter has been dreadful. Characterised predominantly by relentless cloud cover, cold winds and lower than average temperatures. All of which adds up to some pretty dissatisfied holidaymakers.

As previously reported it’s all the fault of a kinky jet stream! Ask any local and they will tell you that it’s one of the worst winters that they can remember on the island. And whilst this may not be readily evident in official weather records for average temperatures and rainfall it’s been all about cloud coverage and cold winds from the North and North East since the start of 2015..

January and February are admittedly usually the most changeable months of the year on Lanzarote, but the lack of sunshine, especially in the North of the island, has been really noticeable this year.

And there’s yet more to come according to AEMET. With strong, cold winds of up to 50km per hour forecast for the rest of the week, along with thick cloud cover at the weekend. Tomorrow and Thursday are looking better from the point of view of sunshine though, so enjoy it while you can!

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