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Weather Latest – And We’re Back….

Wednesday March 4, 2015

Weather Latest – And We’re Back….

Climate normalcy has finally returned to Lanzarote after months of cloudy, cold and downright crappy weather - putting a smile back on the face of both tourists and locals alike.

The weather on Lanzarote has been a hot topic for all the wrong reasons this winter. Thanks to a kinky jet stream that has pushed cold air southwards along with a marked preponderance of cloud.

As a result there has been little in the way of sunshine during the first two months of this year and the impact of the ‘worst winter in living memory ™’ on the island across January and February has been profound. With beaches deserted and many locals uncharacteristically bundled up in multiple layers of clothing or huddled indoors around the fire.

But that all now looks like it’s coming to an end at last, with temperatures rising into the 20’s again and the forecast for the coming weeks looking much more upbeat.

Yesterday we enjoyed one of the warmest days of the year so far thanks to the much welcome appearance of a Calima, which brings warmer air (and sandy dust) across from the Sahara.

And there´s more good weather to come, according to AEMET, with plenty of sunshine on the horizon, no rain and lower wind speeds also helping to raise real air temperatures.


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