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Complex Faces Legal Action After Tragic Tourist Drowning

Thursday April 16, 2015

Complex Faces Legal Action After Tragic Tourist Drowning

The El Trebol apartments in Costa Teguise could face legal action and possible prosecution after the tragic death of teenage tourist Logan Kehoe, who drowned in one of the complexes unnatended swimming pools last week.

The Birmingham  born 13 year old was apparently taking a final dip on the last day of his holiday when tragedy struck - and according to Spanish news sources there was no life guard on duty to help or rescue him as the disaster unfolded, in total contravention of local safety laws.

Local health and safety regulations stipulate that any accommodation site with more than 40 units and a swimming pool must emlploy and deploy a trained lifeguard.  And according to its own website El Trebol comprises 218 apartments.  As a result the complex could now be liable to possible legal action, according to a Guardia Civil spokesperson.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that other hotels and apartment complexes may be cutting corners by floiuting this same requirement.  And if so any such compromises must be urgently eradicated in order to guarantee safety levels for all visiting tourists.




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