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Hello Sunshine – Canary Climate Back On Song

Saturday May 2, 2015

Hello Sunshine – Canary Climate Back On Song

After the ‘worst winter in living memory™’ on Lanzarote the weather on the eastern most of the Canary Islands is now well and truly back on song, delivering one of the sunniest and warmest April’s in many years.

The last couple of days in particular have been stunning, rendering the grey skies and low temperatures experienced during Janaury and February a distant memory. With temperatures pushing into the high 20’s, clear, translucent blue skies and little or no wind combining to create the sort of jaw dropping climatic conditions that the Canaries are best known for.

As a result the beaches here have already been very busy across the start of the long Bank Holiday weekend, as both tourists and locals alike flock to soak up the sun.
It’s amazing weather like this which reminds me precisely why we chose to move to Lanzarote in the first place, especially when you contrast these conditions with the now traditional Bank Holiday experience in the UK of grey skies, cold and rain.

And best of all there’s plenty more to come, according to our Canarian neighbour and all round local weather vane, as apparently the abundance of ladybirds on the island this Spring are a harbinger of an excellent summer to follow.

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