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Scorchio! - Lanzarote Spain's Hottest Spot As Heatwave Continues

Friday May 15, 2015

Scorchio! - Lanzarote Spain's Hottest Spot As Heatwave Continues

Temperatures have been rising through the roof across Southern Spain and the Canary Islands this week, with unseasonal, record breaking thermometer readings being reported in many regions, such as Valencia and Catalonia, where the mercury hit 36C on Wednesday.  Nowhere on the mainland however could compete with the Canaries, with Lanzarote recording 42.4C - a record for May and the hottest temperature recorded anywhere in Spain over the last few days.

The Canaries do of course enjoy something of an advantage over mainland hot spots in the climate stakes  thanks to their more southerly latitude and close proximity to Africa and Lanzarote has now been enveloped in a thick calima since Sunday afternoon, resulting in Wednesday's record breaking reading of 42.4C, taken at Arrecife airport at 5pm.

AEMET, Spain's meteorlogical agency, have kept a yellow alert in place today, with temperatures still expected to soar away above seasonal norms into the mid-30's.  With cooler weather expected to arrive at the weekend.


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