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Top Of The Stops – Lanzarote Cruises Ahead In The Canaries

Monday June 22, 2015

Top Of The Stops – Lanzarote Cruises Ahead In The Canaries

Lanzarote is the best cruise destination in the Canaries, according to research recently conducted by the Ports Authority. With 2 out of 3 passengers rating the island’s attractions and overall visitor experience the best in the archipelago.

68.4% of cruise passengers polled were “very satisfied” with the overall experience of visiting Lanzarote. Impressed not only by the extraordinary landscapes but also by the range and ease of access to the island´s key visitor attractions, with the geography of Lanzarote making it simple to tour and explore during the course of day trips and excursions.

The results place the island way ahead of its closest Canarian competitors, such as La Palma and Gran Canaria, which recorded satisfaction scores of 61.3% and 57.9% respectively.

As well as being top rated for quality Lanzarote is also enjoying a surge in the quantity of cruise passengers docking at the port in Los Marmoles. With cruise visitor numbers up by 80% last month versus May 2014 and by 12.6% for the year to date, as the island welcomed a total of 206,000 passengers to May end.

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