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Hotter Than July - Temperatures Soar Into Mid 30’s

Tuesday July 7, 2015

Hotter Than July - Temperatures Soar Into Mid 30’s

Temperatures on Lanzarote are climbing well above seasonal norms over the next couple of days. With AEMET, Spain’s national meteorological agency placing the island on an Orange alert, as the mercury threatens to rise above 35 degrees Celsius and possibly even beyond.

If you like it hot and you’re either staying or arriving on Lanzarote over the next couple of days then you’re in for a treat. As thermometer readings will be hitting the high 30’s Celsius today and tomorrow.

The seasonal norm for July lies somewhere between 25 and 29 degrees according to AEMET so the current heat wave is certainly well outside the usual comfort zone for many locals. The temperature has been cranked up by a pretty thick calima blowing in from North Africa, which accounts for the smudged horizon, white sky and layers of fine grit and sand accumulating on vehicles and surfaces.

Fairly strong 25-30km winds are also blowing in from the North East, which helps to take the edge off the temperatures a little, but AEMET still advise exercising extra caution, particularly the elderly, young children and anyone with respiratory issues.

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