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Canary Islands To Limit Tourist Numbers?

Wednesday July 15, 2015

Canary Islands To Limit Tourist Numbers?

Fernando Clavijo, the new President of the Canary Islands has warned that Lanzarote and Tenerife are in danger of succumbing to the ‘Magaluf Effect’ unless the archiepelago moves away from mass market tourism towards a more sustainable model, with a limit placed on visitor numbers.

The Canaries have become the UK´s favourite Spanish holiday destination in recent years. But Clavijo fears that the environment of islands such as Lanzarote is at risk and that the number of all inclusive holidays should be reduced.

In an interview with El Pais, which was also featured in The Times, Clavijo stated; “The pursuit of the largest number of tourists is killing quality in Spain. It is the Magaluf effect. Lots of people come from Britain and what they need is a quality resort. We don’t want to attract 20 million tourists each year and then they do not have a good time. We may need to put limits. We have to set a limit that is respectful of our environment and that does not deteriorate and end up killing our added value, which is nature, our space and the quality that we offer.”

Clavijo´s comments come at a time when the popularity of the Canaries as a holiday destination has never been greater, particularly amongst British tourists. Last year 13 million tourists visited the islands, with around 4 million of these holidaymakers arriving from the UK. The total population of the Canaries is around 2.1 million residents and tourism currently accounts for around 30% of the Islands total GDP.




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