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Drunk and Aggressive ‘Jet2 Two’ Face Court Case Comedown

Wednesday September 2, 2015

Drunk and Aggressive ‘Jet2 Two’ Face Court Case Comedown

A middle aged Leeds couple who caused mid air chaos after over-imbibing in flight on a return service from Lanzarote now face the sobering experience of defending their actions in court.

The pair, named as Michael Best aged 56 and Doreen Tasker, aged 63, first hit the headlines back in late July when they were arrested on arrival at Leeds/Bradford airport after causing some serious mid air mayhem on a late night, Jet2 flight from Arrecife airport.

The couple were accused of using threatening and aggressive words and behavior throughout the four hour flight whilst also ignoring safety briefings and touching cabin crew innapropiately. And were deemed so aggressive on arrival that the police were even forced to transport them in separate vehicles, whilst Jet2 handed them an immediate lifetime ban.

According to Jet2 spokesman Phil Ward; 'A large proportion of this pair's despicable verbal abuse was personal attacks on one particular crew member and this is simply unacceptable. We know that incidents like this are affecting many UK airlines and it's only by taking a proactive stance and standing together as an industry that we will make progress.”

The couple are due to appear before Leeds magistrate’s court in the near future.

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