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LOOSE LIPS Thomas Cook Apologise to 'Terrified' Passengers

Tuesday September 8, 2015

LOOSE LIPS Thomas Cook Apologise to 'Terrified' Passengers

If you’re looking for a calm and relaxing in flight experience then it may be best not to book Thomas Cook in future. As a couple that recently flew from Birmingham to Lanzarote were left shocked by the behavior of the cabin crew, who chatted loudly, at length and in depth about the recent Shoreham air disaster just minutes before take-off.

The couple, Donna Elliot and Patrick Cartledge, were waiting to take off on the 1.30pm Thomas Cook flight from Birmingham to Lanzarote on August 24th when they overheard cabin crew members discussing the tragedy for ten minutes, including details such as the number of fatalities and the causes of the crash, whilst making no effort to keep their conversation private.

As a result Ms Elliot - an already nervous flyer - and other passengers seated nearby, including a young girl, were apparently left in a distressed and terrified state, much to Mr Cartledge’s dismay. Fuming at the cabin crew’s insensitivity he lodged a complaint with Thomas Cook on his return to the UK which has subsequently resulted in the airline issuing an official apology for the distress caused.

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