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AIR FAIR Passenger Rights Bolstered by EU Ruling

Friday September 18, 2015

AIR FAIR Passenger Rights Bolstered by EU Ruling

Passengers flying to Lanzarote and other destinations within the European Union will now be able to receive compensation if their flight is delayed by technical problems. After a landmark ruling was made yesterday in the European Court of Justice prohibiting airlines from using unexpected technical glitches as an excuse for non-payment.

Under current EU regulation EU261 passengers who reach their destination three hours or more behind their scheduled arrival time are entitled to compensation ranging from £185 to £445. However, many airlines, including Jet2, Thomas Cook and Ryanair, have been resisting making payments as they awaited the outcome of yesterday’s court case.

The court ruled that; “Airlines must ensure the maintenance and proper functioning of all aircrafts used for commercial activities. No component of an aircraft is indestructible; these situations are inherent in the normal operations of an airline. Therefore, when a flight is cancelled due to unforeseen technical errors, the airline remains obliged to pay compensation to its passengers.”

As a result, airlines can now only avoid making payment for delays when they are caused by bad weather, strike action or air traffic control issues. And now the Civil Aviation Authority has ordered foot dragging flight operators to compensate the thousands of passengers who filed claims – or face enforcement that could ultimately lead to court action.


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