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BAD BREAKS No Holiday For One in Four Britons

Wednesday October 14, 2015

BAD BREAKS No Holiday For One in Four Britons

Low paid Britons are taking less holidays, according to the latest annual industry report from ABTA. As nearly one in four UK residents did without a break at home or abroad in the year to August 2015, a figure that has more than doubled since 2011.

The UK is Lanzarote’s largest tourist market by some distance, accounting for 45% of the total of 2,399,751 arrivals on the island last year.

ABTA’s Holiday Habits Report 2015 reveals that the overall proportion of the UK population taking a holiday of some sort has fallen to 77% from 90% in 2011. With the biggest fall occurring amongst social demographic group E, people on lower incomes, where the number of holidays taken has fallen dramatically from 81% in 2011 to just 49% in 2015.

However, more affluent UK residents are booking more breaks than before, with those in social group A, the richest 5% of the population, taking an average of eight holidays per year. As a result, overall demand for holidays abroad has risen, as those who can afford to get away do so more often. With ABTA accrediting this trend to rising household incomes amongst these demographic groups, heightened consumer confidence and the strengthening of sterling against the euro.

On average the number of overseas breaks taken per person rose from 1.2 to 1.5 last year. However there is growing evidence of a widening gap between the holiday ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ that arguably reflects wider trends of unequal income distribution in the UK.

ABTA chief executive Mark Tanzer said: “The travel industry has seen a steady return to growth in recent years following the worldwide economic crisis. However some people are clearly still feeling the pinch. They’re either cutting back on the number of holidays, or not taking one at all. The ‘long tail’ of the recession is still having an impact.”

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