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STORM WATCH Heavy Rainfall Hits North of Lanzarote

Sunday October 25, 2015

STORM WATCH Heavy Rainfall Hits North of Lanzarote

A storm system blowing up from Gran Canaria hit Lanzarote with a venganace yesterday, unleashing a deluge of rainfall across the island, with particular intensity in the North.

The downpour began in earnest late Saturday morning and continued through until around 5.30pm as black clouds hugged the Peñas del Chache mountain ridge running from Teguise through to Monte Corona, releasing pulse after pulse of intense rainfall.

As a result numerous roads in the North were soon closed as they disappeared under water and mudslides, including major routes such as the LZ1 between Tahiche and Arrieta. The village of Tabayesco and its surrounding valleys caught some of the worst damage, with two cars swept away as barrancos quickly overflowed. Flash flooding also closed roads into Famara and in numerous other locations such as Nazaret, Los Valles and El Mojon.

Further rainfall is expected today, so hindering any major clean-up operation until at least Monday and some roads remain closed as a result.

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