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Monday October 26, 2015

STORM WATCH After The Rain…

The storms that swept across Lanzarote over the weekend have been making headlines internationally as the clean-up operation on the island now gets underway in earnest.

Few areas of the island were left untouched by heavy rainfall on both Saturday and Sunday. Haria in the north was the worst hit area, as a reported 90 litres per metre square of water filled barrancos to overflowing, sweeping cars and walls away in its path. The damage here and in other rural areas was exacerbated by the fact that many hillsides are no longer planted and cultivated, making it easy for the rains to flush large amounts of earth and silt into water courses and across roads.

Costa Teguise and Arrecife were also inundated and many roads were closed across the island at various points of the weekend. No further rains are forecast but local authorities are still advising tourists to proceed with care on all roads.

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