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GOOD CALL Adios To EU Mobile Roaming Charges

Wednesday October 28, 2015

GOOD CALL Adios To EU Mobile Roaming Charges

Rip off roaming charges that are costing British tourists over half a billion pounds a year are to be abolished. Thanks to a landmark vote in the European parliament yesterday.

From April 2016 the amount charged for using your mobile when on holiday in the EU will fall to 3p for calls and 1p for texts. Before being finally phased out altogether in 2017.

Industry estimates suggest that some 9 million British tourists a year are affected by roaming charges. So it’s no surprise to learn that the telecoms giants have been fiercely lobbying against the ban. Fears are mounting that these corporations will now simply seek to claw back the revenue lost by hiking charges domestically.

Either way though this represents another positive blow struck in favour of tourists by the EU. As it follows hard on the heels of the recent ruling in the European Court which now obliges airlines to pay compensation to passengers when flights are substantially delayed by technical problems.

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