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BAD CALL British Tourist’s Three Grand Holiday Phone Bill

Friday January 29, 2016

BAD CALL British Tourist’s Three Grand Holiday Phone Bill

If you’ve ever cursed the cost of calling home then spare a thought for 52 year old British tourist Patricia Cardwell, who returned from a break on Lanzarote to find a £3,200 phone bill waiting on her doormat.

Cardwell, who lives in Morecambe, ran up the initial three grand charge after leaving her iPhone data roaming function on during a holiday on the island back in 2010. And since then the unpaid amount has spiraled, thanks to additional collection fees imposed by her provider Orange, now EE.

Cardwell claims that she only sent a few text messages during her stay, however her provider has stated that the charges could only be levied by a manual override of the standard roaming charge cap.

Either way it’s no laughing matter for Cardwell, who now faces bankruptcy and losing her home as a result. As of April this year new EU rulings will limit the amount that providers can charge for calls and texts to just 3p and 1p respectively.

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