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WEATHER WOES Grey Skies, Rain and Even Hail?

Friday February 19, 2016

WEATHER WOES Grey Skies, Rain and Even Hail?

Grey skies, rain, temperatures as low as 9 degrees. It could be the UK. Indeed the rainfall we walked in this morning was on the point of becoming hail.

Despite having the best winter weather for some fifty years there’s always a dip at some point here, more often than not during February. And that’s where we are at with the weather on Lanzarote at the moment, with more rain expected tomorrow also.

To be fair it’s been one of the driest and hottest winters we can remember here and local farmers have been complaining about the lack of rain for some time, as much of their planting is done during the cooler winter months. But aside from one very large storm back in late October it’s been as dry as a bone until now.

Even then, by Northern European standards the current rainfall has been negligible. And better still its forecast to be all finished by Sunday. But the sudden drop in temperatures over the last few days has served as a sharp reminder that even here on Lanzarote the weather can occasionally be woeful.

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