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VIP VISIT Cameron's Plan Lanzarote Easter Break

Friday March 18, 2016

VIP VISIT Cameron's Plan Lanzarote Easter Break

Any tourists or expats on Lanzarote who'd like to question UK Prime Minister David Cameron in person on the upcoming Brexit issue may soon get their chance. As he is planning to take another family holiday on the island over the coming Easter period.

Previous visits to the island have involved carefully choreograped photo opps in some of Lanzarote's most iconic locations. As well as a stinging encounter with a jelly fish at Arrieta. And it is likely that the Cameron;'s will stay at Casa Tomaren again in La Vegeuta.

According to Spanish media reports the PM will be joining the huddled masses on a Ryanair flight in the run up to the Easter weekend. Let's hope for his sake that he remembers to print his boarding pass and has the right size of carry on bag.

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