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QUAD WRANGLE Yaiza Applies Brakes To Buggy Tours

Thursday March 24, 2016

QUAD WRANGLE Yaiza Applies Brakes To Buggy Tours

Quad bike excursion operators may soon have to apply the brakes on their tours in the south of the island as the local council in Yaiza has called for far stricter controls over their movement.

Quad rentals and tours have started to grow in popularity over recent years, but there are also growing concerns that their unrestricted movement is incompatible with maintaining the environment and local ecosystems in the Yaiza region, particularly in and around protected areas such as the volcanic region, La Geria and the Vega de Temuime. And on a dry and arid island such as Lanzarote these vehicles also stir up a large amount of dust, which in turn impacts upon local farmers and residents.

According to local councilor Oscar Noda; "No one can ignore the fact that more than 83 percent of the territory of our municipality is affected by some form of protection”. As a result the local council in Yaiza has been holding meetings with excursions operators in order to create some form of code of conduct and pre-approved routes.

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