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UNDER WORLD Thieves Raid Jameos Del Agua Box Office

Tuesday March 29, 2016

UNDER WORLD Thieves Raid Jameos Del Agua Box Office

Thieves made off with a reported 70,000 euros in cash after a raid on the admissions office of the Jameos Del Agua, one of Lanzarote's most popular tourist attractions, early on Sunday morning.

After the Timanfaya Volcano Park the Jameos is the most visited tourist attraction on the island, welcoming over 700,000 visitors during the course of last year. And thieves rightly calculated that they could nab a bumper payday by stealing the takings from Easter week, one of the busiest periods of the year, which reportedly amounted to at least 70,000 euros in cash.

The money had been allowed to accumulate in the box office since last Wednesday without being transferred into the safe keeping of an armoured van or vault. Police investigators have confirmed that force was not used and that no further damage was caused during the raid.

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